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Oribe Run-Through Detangling Shampoo

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For all hair types and textures that tend to tangle, this softening shampoo adds slip and lightweight moisture for effortless combing and styling. Hair is left looking so glossy and healthy you’ll want to run your fingers through it. And now you can.


Lather, indulge, rinse. Follow with your favorite Oribe conditioner. Pro tip: Create your custom detangling routine. Step 1: Begin with Run-Through Detangling Shampoo Step 2: Follow with your favorite Oribe conditioner Step 3: Finish with your go-to Oribe detangler Run-Through Detangling Primer (fine to medium, wavy textures) Priming Lotion Leave-In Detangler (medium to coarse, curly and coily textures) Step 4: Effortlessly comb through and style as usual


- For all hair types and textures - Gently cleanses hair without drying or stripping - Hydrates and softens strands to instantly detangle - Smoothes the cuticle to improve combability and prevent knots - Adds glossy shine to leave hair looking visibly healthier - Pair with any Oribe conditioner


Oribe Signature Complex (Watermelon, Lychee and Edelweiss Flower) defends hair from oxidative stress, photoaging and the deterioration of natural keratin all while protecting from the drying, damaging and color-depleting effects of the elements. Shea Butter instantly detangles while conditioning and softening hair for effortless combing. Sunflower Extract softens hair and delivers incredible shine. Red Algae Extract, known to be rich in vitamins, minerals and amino acids, deeply hydrates and nourishes while imparting luminescent shine for healthier-looking hair. Rice Seed Protein provides powerful conditioning while adding luster and shine. Tea Plant Seed Oil and Leaf Extract, rich in essential fatty acids, nourishes, replenishes and protects hair from damage. Tara Fruit Extract provides natural protection from UV stress and environmental aggressors.


    Frequently Asked Questions

    What is Oribe Run-Through Detangling Shampoo, and what does it do?

    Oribe Run-Through Detangling Shampoo is a gentle yet effective shampoo designed to make detangling your hair easier and more manageable. This shampoo is formulated with a blend of nourishing ingredients, including argan oil, glycerin, and sunflower seed extract, which work together to hydrate and soften the hair, making it easier to comb through and reducing breakage. The lightweight formula cleanses the hair without weighing it down, leaving it clean, smooth, and tangle-free. Oribe Run-Through Detangling Shampoo is suitable for all hair types and can be used daily to keep your hair healthy and easy to style.

    How do I use Oribe Run-Through Detangling Shampoo?

    To use Oribe Run-Through Detangling Shampoo, wet your hair thoroughly and apply a small amount of shampoo to your scalp. Massage the shampoo into a lather, working it through your hair from roots to ends. Rinse thoroughly with water. For best results, follow with a suitable conditioner to further nourish and detangle your hair. This shampoo can be used as part of your regular hair care routine to keep your hair soft, manageable, and free from tangles.

    Can Oribe Run-Through Detangling Shampoo be used on children's hair?

    Yes, Oribe Run-Through Detangling Shampoo is safe to use on children's hair. Its gentle formula is suitable for all ages, including children. The shampoo's detangling properties make it especially beneficial for children with longer hair or hair prone to tangling. It helps to soften and smooth the hair, making it easier to comb through without causing discomfort. Oribe Run-Through Detangling Shampoo is formulated without harsh ingredients and is designed to be gentle on the scalp and hair. It provides a nourishing and enjoyable experience for both children and adults, making hair care a breeze for the whole family.

    Does Oribe Run-Through Detangling Shampoo contain sulfates?

    No, Oribe Run-Through Detangling Shampoo is free from sulfates. It is formulated without sulfates, parabens, or sodium chloride, ensuring a gentle and safe cleansing experience for your hair. The absence of sulfates in the shampoo helps maintain the hair's natural moisture balance and prevents dryness. The lightweight formula effectively cleanses the hair without stripping away essential oils, leaving it soft, manageable, and tangle-free. Oribe prioritizes the use of high-quality ingredients to deliver luxurious results while caring for the health and well-being of your hair. Enjoy the benefits of this sulfate-free detangling shampoo and experience smoother, more manageable hair.

    Can Oribe Run-Through Detangling Shampoo be used on color-treated hair?

    Yes, Oribe Run-Through Detangling Shampoo is safe to use on color-treated hair. It is specifically formulated to be gentle and nourishing, making it suitable for all hair types, including color-treated hair. The shampoo's hydrating ingredients help to maintain the vibrancy and longevity of your hair color while detangling and cleansing. It does not contain any harsh ingredients that may cause color fading or damage to the hair. Oribe Run-Through Detangling Shampoo provides a gentle and effective cleansing experience for color-treated hair, leaving it soft, smooth, and easy to manage. Enjoy the benefits of this shampoo while preserving the beauty and integrity of your hair color.