• I have literally never felt more confident with my hair! I am Frankie Hair's number one fan!

  • Comfiest, softest extensions ever + hold curls amazingly.

  • Best extensions ever!! The quality is unbeatable.

  • 10/10 Amazing

  • By far the nicest hair I've had! Quality has been unmatched!

  • Obsessed with the colour range and loved having them!! So soft and silky!

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Frequently Asked Questions

How long do I have to wait for hair to come in after my consult?

Frankie Hair extensions are fully stocked in the salon - so if your appointment is booked with time allowed you can get extensions the day of your consult.

Where do you source the hair from?

Frankie Hair Extensions are made with Mongolian Remy Hair which has a circular cuticle that keeps the hair stronger and intact longer than most other extensions.

All Frankie Hair is ethically sourced and properly treated to ensure consistency and quality.

How do I maintain my hair extensions?

Each type of extension has a different maintenance schedule. Tape-in and weft hair require more move up and re-applications as they are heavier and at Frankie we focus on the integrity of the natural hair. Knowing that everyone sheds 100+ hairs a day, we want to ensure the extensions don’t get too heavy for the weakened base.

What is the difference between each type?

Please visit Frankie’s hair extension blog to read up on the different types available!

Do I wash my hair the same way?

Washing is very similar with or without extensions. We do recommend that you focus on carefully washing between the extensions without vigorously rubbing the scalp as you want to keep the space between the rows clean, but don’t want to cause any unnecessary hair pulling/loss. We also recommend using a sulphate free shampoo and conditioner- if you are unsure which type, one of our stylists can prescribe something customized to your hair needs!

After washing, make sure to blow-dry your roots as leaving the hair damp can change the natural ph of the scalp and can cause scalp issues.

Can I wear my hair up with extensions?

Being able to wear your hair up is a for sure possibility, but it depends on the density and length of your natural hair paired with the type of extensions you are wanting.

Wefts are easier to hide but aren’t best suited for all hair types if the goal is much more length and fullness. Fusion extensions are virtually undetectable however they aren’t suited for extremely fine or extremely thick hair.

If you are unsure, book in for a consult with one of our amazing stylists and they can help determine which type is best suited for you and your hair needs!

How long do the hair extensions last?

Tape-in and weft hair is meant for repeated use, and if the hair is well maintained with the right products and proper care they can last up to one year. The fusion extensions don’t require as much maintenance however they are not meant for repeated use.

What products are recommended?

Sulphate free products are necessary for the proper health of the extensions. It is also important that you do moisture masks and treatments as necessary.

Can hair extensions be coloured?

Frankie hair can be coloured darker/warmer, however all hair extensions are pre-treated and therefore cannot be lightened as it will change the integrity of the hair.

Can I get a balayage with hair extensions?

Yes absolutely! Frankie hair comes in 8 custom colors and as an added bonus, some are pre-balayaged to prevent unnecessary fading. If the shade isn’t quite perfect, we can colour match and custom colour as needed!