Frankie Hair Extensions

Frankie Hair Extensions

Transform your hair with Frankie. Frankie hair is currently available in both 18” invisible tape-in and fusion methods. In a world of fashion and beauty hair is often considered to be an essential component of one’s overall appearance, however, not everyone is blessed with naturally long, voluminous locks. This is where Frankie Hair can transform your look, allowing individuals to experiment with different lengths and styles. 

After years of struggling to find the perfect hair and working with different brands and methods of extensions, Frankie’s team of stylists finally found what they believe to be hair that “checks every box”. Frankie Hair extensions are guaranteed to give you a luxurious hair experience. Frankie Hair is made with Mongolian Remy hair, with circular cuticles to keep the hair stronger and intact longer than other extension brands.

Frankie Hair Extensions

Our fusion extensions have curved bonds for added security that allows for easy application and our tape-in extensions have invisible bonds for a seamless blend which allows for more flexibility when styling. We put these extensions to the test, and they did not disappoint! We tested these extensions against coloring, intense heat, and tons of washing and they passed every test with flying colors.

Which extensions are best for you?

Fusion extensions are an innovative approach to hair extensions, and they have revolutionized the world of extensions, providing a seamless and natural-looking solution for achieving the hair of your dreams. Fusions are renowned for their ability to go undetected as the keratin bond is miniscule and translucent and will therefore mimic the color and texture of your hair. Fusion extensions are a non-reusable extension that offers 360-degree movement with each bond and a fully customizable cut.

Fusion extensions have numerous benefits such as: versatility with styling, durability, strand-by-strand application, and low-maintenance. When applied correctly by one of Frankie’s trained and certified stylists and cared for appropriately, fusion extensions can last 3-4 months, allowing you to enjoy your extensions without having to make frequent trips to the salon for reinstallation. Each strand is sealed to your natural hair by fusing the keratin bond around a small section of hair near the root. This application process is the most requested extension method that Frankie Hair offers.

Invisible tape-in extensions are a reusable extension that is designed to blend seamlessly by using a thin adhesive strip that is placed near the root. The primary advantage of using tape-in extensions is that they still provide a full natural coverage, however the extensions are reusable! When your extensions have grown out you are able to book a removal and re-install.

This appointment consists of the stylist using a bond remover to take out the extensions, replacing the adhesive strip, and installing the extensions back in at the root. Tape-in extensions lay flat against your head and are comfortable and lightweight.

Unlike wefts or clip-in extensions, tape-in extensions do not put excessive strain on your scalp. This application process is the fasted installation method that Frankie Hair has to offer. Frankie recommends reusing Frankie Hair tape-in’s up to 12 months before purchasing new extensions.

How can you get Frankie Hair?

Frankie Salon recommends booking for a consultation with one of our stylists before booking an installation service. Frankie Salon has all colors on hand and can fully customize your hair extension experience. During this appointment the stylist will discuss your desired look, extension method, extension blending/cutting, as well as maintenance and care instructions.

Frankie’s Recommendations:

To keep hair extensions in optimal condition, Frankie recommends the following maintenance tips:

Gentle care: Treat your extensions with care, brushing with a soft-bristle brush to detangle frequently. Avoid harsh tugging or pulling, especially when hair is wet. It is extremely important that you do not sleep with your hair wet, and brushing regularly from the root down will help prevent any matting or damage. Do not underestimate the importance of brushing Frankie recommends sleeping with your hair in a loose braid.

Proper washing: Make sure you are washing your hair with extension friendly shampoos and conditioners. Gently massage the products into your scalp, avoiding the bonded areas, and rinse thoroughly. Some oil-based products can deteriorate the extension bond and result in your extensions falling out. To avoid this, your stylist may recommend a customized hair care routine from one of our two lines, Oribe and Amika.

Avoid heat damage: While extensions can handle a lot of heat styling, excessive heat can damage both the extensions and your natural hair. Frankie recommends using a heat-protectant and turning your hot tool down to a lower setting more suitable to your hair type – your iron does not need to be at 450 degrees.

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