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Oribe Serene Scalp Oil Control Treatment

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Stretch out the time between washes with our scalp-refreshing mist. Infused with the goodness of green marine algae and a prebiotic sourced from sugar, this formula expertly manages excess sebum, promoting equilibrium and nourishing a thriving scalp microbiome. It's your shield against environmental impurities, ensuring your scalp remains serene and unburdened. Achieve the ultimate serenity with every use.

How To Use?

To experience the best results, apply to clean, damp hair. Gently mist directly onto the scalp and massage the product into the roots. Proceed with your regular styling routine. For optimal outcomes, incorporate this treatment into your post-wash hair care routine.

Key Ingredients:

Oribe Signature Complex: Crafted with Watermelon, Lychee, and Edelweiss Flower extracts, this complex not only shields your hair from oxidative stress, photoaging, and the degradation of natural keratin but also provides protection against the drying, damaging, and color-fading effects of environmental factors.

Biome Balancing Complex: Featuring Rosebay Extract and Green Marine Algae, this complex is nature's way of regulating and harmonizing the scalp's microbiome. It effectively reduces excess sebum and oil, promoting a balanced and healthy scalp.

Biomimetic Amino Acid: By restoring the microflora of a healthy scalp and diversifying the skin's microbiome, this amino acid contributes to reducing excess oil and sebum, promoting optimal scalp health.

Sugar-Derived Prebiotic: This ingredient plays a vital role in rebalancing the skin's bacterial landscape, stimulating optimal scalp health.

Willowherb Extract: Sourced from the pristine Alps, Willowherb Extract acts as a bioactive prebiotic, encouraging the growth of beneficial bacteria while also minimizing scalp oiliness for a matte finish.