Winter Bliss for Your Tresses: Frankie Salon's Guide to Hydrated Locks and Happy Scalps!

Winter Bliss for Your Tresses: Frankie Salon's Guide to Hydrated Locks and Happy Scalps!

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Welcome, dear readers, to Frankie Salon's Winter Hair Care Wonderland! As the chilly air sets in, it's time to pamper those locks and keep your scalp smiling. Our team at Frankie has curated the perfect guide to ensure your hair stays hydrated and healthy throughout the winter season, featuring our favourite Oribe products and signature salon treatments.

Embrace the Chill with Oribe

Oribe Gold Lust Repair & Restore Shampoo and Conditioner:

Indulge in Oribe's Gold Lust duo – a rejuvenating blend that cleanses and restores even the most weather-worn strands. Our salon experts swear by this dynamic duo, infusing life back into your locks with each wash. Say goodbye to winter dullness and hello to a luscious mane!

Oribe Signature Moisture Masque:

Treat your hair to a spa day with the Oribe Signature Moisture Masque. Packed with hydrating ingredients, this masque is a winter essential. Our salon's deep conditioning treatments, featuring this gem, will leave your hair silky smooth, repairing any damage caused by the harsh winter elements.

Frankie’s Winter Hair TLC

The Head Scratcher:

Winter can be harsh on your hair, and sometimes it needs a little extra love. Our Head Scratcher treatment is designed to exfoliate, treat and moisturize your scalp and hair from root to tip, replenishing lost moisture and building a healthy scalp. Paired with Oribe's Gold Lust products, this treatment is the ultimate remedy for dry scalps and hair.

Scalp Soothing Massage:

Combat dry scalp with our indulgent Scalp Soothing Massage. Our skilled stylists use Oribe Serene Scalp Soothing Leave-On Treatment to calm and moisturize the scalp, leaving you with that fresh and rejuvenated feel. 

Frankie's Winter Hair Care Tips

  • Limit Heat Styling: Give your hair a break from excessive heat styling. Embrace your natural texture and opt for heat-free styles to minimize damage.
  • Regular Trims: Schedule regular trims to get rid of split ends and promote healthy hair growth. Our expert stylists are here to keep your mane in top shape.
  • Stay Hydrated: Hydrate from the inside out! Drinking plenty of water helps maintain your hair's moisture balance, combating dryness caused by indoor heating.

    Winter doesn't have to mean sacrificing your hair's health and beauty. Follow our tips, indulge in Oribe's winter-loving products, and treat yourself to a little extra care at Frankie Salon. Your locks will thank you!

    As always, for personalized recommendations and expert care, book your appointment with Frankie Salon today. Winter hair bliss awaits you!


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