Trending hair for the change of season

Trending Hair for the Change of Season

Have you heard of cowboy copper? Scandi hairline? Thanks to TikTok, these trends are sweeping the world and we are here to tell you why, or why they may not be the right look for you. At Frankie Salon our team of expert stylists are trained in the latest hair colour trends and techniques, and are ready to help you achieve your dream hair colour.

Cowboy Copper: Which is basically just copper. Here are the things to know about this specific trend, although it's beautiful, it’s high maintenance. Unless you are ready to commit to booking in for root touch ups and toners, this may not be the spur of the moment change you are looking for.

While coppers and reds are gorgeous, the pigments themselves are the smallest and hardest for your colourist to remove if you decide the look is not for you (be prepared for the journey you will need to go on for it to be changed). If you don't suffer from commitment issues, then this is an amazing option for warming up your skin tone, making certain eye colours pop, and giving a show stopping look. If this sounds good to you, harness your inner Sophie Turner and take the plunge!

Scandi Hairline: Is short for Scandinavian hairline. This trend is where your stylist paints lightener on your face framing baby hairs that are typically difficult to put in foils. Doing this helps to achieve the look of a natural “money piece” or brighter pop of colour around the face.

While this is beautiful in photos and may be the look you were trying to achieve, it's important to note that shortly after as your roots grow back, they will grow out in an even solid line, accentuating the difference between your natural and the painted blonde making root touch ups important for maintenance.

On top of it being a service that requires upkeep, it's also important to know that the hairs framing your face are typically more fragile than the rest of your hair, so painting lightener on it repeatedly can cause unnecessary damage. At Frankie Salon, we aren't opposed to doing this service, however we usually recommend doing foils to soften the grow-out and keep the integrity of the hair intact. If you're unsure of what to do, you can trust our talented stylists to recommend what’s best for your hair.

Balayage/Foilyage: These techniques are popular hair coloring techniques that involve hand-painting or placing the foils in a way that highlight and naturally blend the colour, resulting in a more natural grow-out. The term Balayage is derived from the French word Balayer which means “to sweep”.

This technique is where you “sweep” or place lightener onto the hair in a way that is generally lighter on the ends and around the face. While this may work for some, others could require the lightener being placed in a foil as this will help lighten the hair to be closer to your desired shade. The air will slow down lightener and therefore a balayage is better suited for more subtle looks. If you want drama in your hair and not just on real housewives, foilyage is probably the way to go!

Reverse Balayage: If you're done with the blonde reality TV drama and want a nice Hallmark movie type vibe for your hair, reverse balayage might be the service you're looking for. While baby it might be cold outside, your hair doesn't need to be! This service is similar to your regular balayage in that it fades from one colour to another being typically lighter on the ends, however this service requires your stylist to add darkness throughout to give depth and dimension for an overall richer look.

Root Melt: This service is usually done at the sink after your highlights have been rinsed and involves placing colour on the roots of your hair, adding contrast and making your highlights pop while blurring lines for an extremely seamless blend.

Highlights: Highlights are a classic hair colouring technique that involve lightening certain sections of the hair. They can be subtle or bold, and are a great way to add dimension to any hair colour.

While these are all some of the latest trends, the thing that makes us the most jazzed is that WARMTH IS IN!! Warm blonde, copper blonde, rich reds, warm chocolate brown. Everything warm! This helps add colour back into your skin once that summer tan fades, so consider finding some inspo pix and trust us to help guide you in the right direction at your appointment.


The most popular trend right now is adding length and fullness to any of these colour services! Swap your winter scarf for some mermaid hair and call it a day. With our own line of Mongolian remy Frankie Hair extensions, we can custom match any shade to blend seamlessly. Book for a consultation now to see if these may be a good option for you.

Nothing gets us more excited than finding the perfect look for our clients and giving them the best hair they have ever had! Book now at Frankie today xo.